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Kellen [userpic]
SID's Top 100 Couples
by Kellen (kellen_rebecca)
at October 31st, 2008 (10:45 pm)

I thought this community might be interested in this. Recently Soaps In Depth Magazine counted down the 100 All Time Greatest Couples of ABC Daytime. In this post I've included the entire list as well as what the magazine said about each couple. Enjoy! :)

100. Jason & Leann (One Life to Live)
"If she hadn't taught him how to read, how would he have ever written her love notes?"

99. Langley & Phoebe (All My Children)
“He conned her, but not us: He loved way more about her than her bank account.”

98. Stefan & Laura (General Hospital)
“Thanks to him, her abduction by his psychotic brother didn’t seem quite so sucktacular.”

97. Alex & Ava (Loving)
“Among a whole lot of lies, they managed to find true love. Weird.”

96. Sloan & Viki (One Life to Live)
“First she cheated on her husband with this silver fox. Then his death cheated all of us.”

95. Jeremy & Natalie (All My Children)
“Side by side on the fine line between agony and ecstasy.”

94. Charlie & Cecily (All My Children)
“Oh, right. Thanks for the reminder: Love is supposed to be fun.”

93. Scott & Dominique (General Hospital)
“Moral of their story: Never get into a love triangle with the Grim Reaper.”

92. Rafe & Alison (Port Charles)
“When she said her boyfriend was heaven-sent, she meant it literally.”

91. Luke & Tracy (General Hospital)
“You’ve heard of The Taming of the Shrew? Yeah, in this version, the shrew doesn’t get tamed”

90. Adam & Liza (All My Children)
“Married in haste, fell in love at their leisure.”

89. Edward & Lila (General Hospital)
“The one thing that redeemed him: her.”

88. Johnny & Maeve (Ryan’s Hope)
“The same way they counted on each-other, we counted on them.”

87. Kevin & Lucy (General Hospital/Port Charles)
“She was nuts. He was a shrink. Do matches get anymore perfect?”

86. Ric & Alexis (General Hospital)
“When yin met yang.”

85. Cristian & Jessica (One Life to Live)
“The kind of first love you can almost believe will last.”

84. Tony & Bobbie (General Hospital)
“It took a tragedy to tear apart this miracle.”

83. Joey & Dorian (One Life to Live)
“Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson.”

82. Rex & Adriana (One Life to Live)
“Their passion was as undeniable as the prettiness of the babies they would’ve had.”

81. Mac & Felicia (General Hospital)
“For a while there, they made being good look like as much fun as being bad.”

80. Stefan & Katherine (General Hospital)
“As Goth as you can get without eyeliner and skinny jeans.”

79. Adam & Krystal (All My Children)
“Mister and disses.”

78. Jax & Carly (General Hospital)
“They weren’t each other’s first picks. But maybe they should’ve been.”

77. Bo & Sarah (One Life to Live)
“They were so committed, she had to die twice to really end it.”

76. Brian & Hayley (All My Children)
“The high-school sweethearts we always wished we’d had.”

75. Jason & Sam (General Hospital)
“Her heart was the one target the hit man never had to aim for.”

74. Rick & Lesley (General Hospital)
“You’d’ve thought two doctors could’ve remedied a simple case of heartache.”

73. Casey & Ally (Loving)
“Drugs were his downfall, but she was his addiction.”

72. David & Dorian (One Life to Live)
“The only time these two liars ever told the truth was when they said, “I love you.”

71. Max & Blair (One Life to Live)
“He was bad. She was bad. Together they were… good. Weird.”

70. Ned & Alexis (General Hospital)
“As close to Tracy and Hepburn as soaps may ever come.”

69. Phil & Tara (All My Children)
“Quite possibly the reason why stars first crossed.”

68. Jagger & Karen (General Hospital)
“For a while, they were the hottest dish cookin’ at Kelly’s Diner.”

67. Steve & Audrey (General Hospital)
“This beloved doctor/nurse team had the cure for the common marriage.”

66. Antonio & Andie (One Life to Live)
“It always goes wrong after a gal has to read her guy his rights.”

65. Palmer & Daisy (All My Children)
“He can marry all the women he wants, and still, she’ll remain his one and only.”

64. Zander & Emily (General Hospital)
“It takes a really irresistible boy to steal a girl’s heart by kidnapping her.”

63. Cristian & Natalie (One Life to Live)
“Baddies were able to mess with his mind, but they could never change his heart - it was all hers.”

62. Carlo & Alex (One Life to Live)
“Just your every-day garden variety mobster/psycho couple next door.”

61. Frank & Jill (Ryan’s Hope)
“As lawyers, they knew exactly how often they could break up before it became criminal.”

60. Joe & Ruth (All My Children)
“The kind of pillars any community would be lucky to have.”

59. Dillon & Georgie (General Hospital)
“If their romance had been a movie, it would have been a classic.”

58. Todd & Tea (One Life to Live)
“The word “explosive” comes to mind.”

57. Al & Marcie (One Life to Live)
“Their love was so strong, it sucked the life right out of Michael.”

56. Scotty & Laura (General Hospital)
“Yes, there was life before Luke. And for Laura, Scotty was it.”

55. Scott & Lucy (General Hospital/Port Charles)
“Remember how naughty they were? And how nice it was? Sigh.

54. Sky & Raven (The Edge of Night)
“Monticello was full of mysteries. Their attraction? Not one of ‘em.”

53. Roger & Delia (Ryan’s Hope)
The doc had to be crazy to work as hard as he did to crack a nutjob like her.”

52. Nico & Cecily (All My Children)
“They married for the money, then fell in love. Isn’t that convenient?”

51. Dimitri & Erica (All My Children)
“At last, a husband the divorcee could really “count” on. (Get it?)”

50. Viki & Joe (One Life to Live)
“So simpatico, it took death to tear them apart.”

49. Ryan & Greenlee (All My Children)
“They had the ideal: They were married to their best friend. (And our hunch is, someday will be again.)”

48. Trucker & Trisha (Loving)
“When blue-collar met blueblood… ironically, it was red-hot.”

47. Trevor & Natalie (All My Children)
“See also No. 48 - minus Trucker’s abs.”

46. Barnabas & Angelique (Dark Shadows)
“Magical - even when the sorceress wasn’t casting spells on her toothsome beloved.”

45. Jason & Robin (General Hospital)
“The rare case in which two damaged people were able to heal one another.”

44. Cliff & Nina (All My Children)
“It would’ve been smooth sailing if not for “the other man” - her father, Palmer!”

43. Bianca & Maggie (All My Children)
“The wait was excruciating. And worth it.”

42. Robert & Holly (General Hospital)
“He was just doing his “dead” friend a favor by marrying his pregnant girlfriend. But it turned out to be the best random act of kindness he’d ever commit.”

41. John & Evangeline (One Life to Life)
“Even now that she’s in a coma, we bet she’s still dreaming of the way they were. We are. (Minus the coma, of course.)”

40. Ryan & Gillian (All My Children)
“File this one under “The Princess And The Pauper.” That is, “The Really Pretty Princess And The Super-Buff Pauper.”

39. Jason & Courtney (General Hospital)
“He was so used to riding to the rescue that it came as a shock when she saved his soul.”

38. Nash & Tessica (One Life to Live)
“He fell for Tess, then Jess, then married a hybrid of both without ever facing bigamy charges, the lucky stiff.”

37. Max & Gabrielle (One Life to Live)
“The stuff romance novels are made of - really trashy, torrid ones!”

36. Sean & Tiffany (General Hospital)
“In the fly spy, the B-movie babe finally found the leading man of her dreams.”

35. Adam & Brooke (All My Children)
“If only he’d been a quitter, he would’ve quit while he was ahead and held onto his wife for dear life.”

34. Caleb & Livvie (Port Charles)
“The blood-sucker and the vamp gave a whole new meaning to the term “love bites.”

33. Max & Luna (One Life to Live)
“She wasn’t at all the woman that he wanted. But she was exactly what he needed.”

32. Alan & Monica (General Hospital)
“They made the Bickersons look happily married - and oh so dull!”

31. Ryan & Kendall (All My Children)
“She was a little obsessed with him. Can you blame her?”

30. Stone & Robin (General Hospital)
“Romeo and Juliet had nothing’ on these star-crossed lovers.”

29. Sonny & Kate (General Hospital)
“They’ll always have Bensonhurst. And, thankfully, so will we.”

28. Patrick & Robin (General Hospital)
“The way they snap at each other, oh, you just know they’re madly in love.”

27. Jake & Megan (One Life to Live)
“Can’t. Think. About. It. Will. Cry.”

26. Duke & Anna (General Hospital)
“They say opposites attract. Funny, then, that these two more like detonated.”

25. Nikolas & Emily (General Hospital)
“She died, sure. But their love? Never will.”

24. Jax & Brenda (General Hospital)
“He always came in second to Sonny with her. So why could neither she nor we ever forget their time together?”

23. Leo & Greenlee (All My Children)
“They never intended to fall in love. So, you know, thanks to whoever tripped them.”

22. Ben & Viki (One Life to Live)
“Her old relationships seemed a bit like kid stuff when she got serious about this younger man.”

21. Noah & Julia (All My Children)
“As he healed her wounds, they melted all of our hearts.”

20. Sonny & Carly (General Hospital)
“Who says two wrongs don’t make a right?”

19. Patrick & Marty (One Life to Live)
“He had her at the accent. He had all of us when he started spouting poetry. Sigh.”

18. Edmund & Maria (All My Children)
“It started as a fairy tale… and ended as a Grimm one.”

17. Greg & Jenny (All My Children)
“Damn jet skis. That’s all we’re sayin’.”

16. John & Natalie (One Life to Live)
“When the fireball warmed up this cool customer, we were the ones who melted.”

15. Ned & Lois (General Hospital)
“The roller coasters on their honeymoon had nothin’ on the roller coaster of their divorce.”

14. Robert & Anna (General Hospital)
“Since first we saw this power duo reunite, The Spy Who Loved Me has paled by comparison.”

13. Todd & Blair (One Life to Live)
“Pictured in Webster’s next to the definition of “lovesick”. Emphasis on the “sick.””

12. Jason & Liz (General Hospital)
“He’s a killer. She’s a healer. Hey, at least they’d never run out of dinner-table conversation.”

11. Zach & Kendall (All My Children)
“All day, she’s surrounded by drama… except when his arms are around her. Who needs Calgon?”

10. Bo & Nora (One Life to Live)
“If only she hadn’t tried to say “I love you” with the gift of (what she thought was) another man’s baby.”

9. Lucky & Liz (General Hospital)
“Tragedy brought them together… and then it tore them apart over and over again. (Stupid circle of life!)”

8. Cord & Tina (One Life to Live)
“Even when she was marrying other men, it was his name on her lips. (Sorry, Max.)”

7. Jack & Erica (All My Children)
“His brother got her first, but he was the one who nearly made it last.”

6. Frisco & Felicia (General Hospital)
“”Adventure” was their middle name. Also their first name. And last.”

5. Mateo & Hayley (All My Children)
“They clicked so well, we were sure something had to be going on off screen, too. Hey, wait…”

4. Clint & Viki (One Life to Live)
“”Giddyup!” was all we could think to say when the straight-shootin’ cowpoke rode into the stuffy widow’s life.”

3. Tad & Dixie (All My Children)
“The perfect couple. If you overlook the his-and-hers affairs and her dying twice.”

2. Sonny & Brenda (General Hospital)
“He called her his drug, but it was us who got hooked.”

1. Luke & Laura (General Hospital)
“Crazy that a relationship which began with a rape ended up seducing us all.”