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... [userpic]
Spinelli the ladies man ...
by ... (dingobaby)
at March 19th, 2008 (12:04 am)

It’s no secret I have a mad crush on Bradford Anderson and Spinelli. For those of you who share my love I wanted to post a link to this video which is far and away my new favorite. Kudos to whoever made it. Very cute and well put together! Hope it makes you all smile as much as it did me! :D

Goddess Jenna [userpic]
Another Johnny Wall...
by Goddess Jenna (goddess_naunett)
at March 11th, 2008 (03:09 pm)

LOL....obsess much....me...NOOOOOO!

Clicky Clicky!Collapse )

jen_igma [userpic]
by jen_igma (jen_igma)
at March 5th, 2008 (09:52 pm)

So .. how about I'm getting rather irritated with how over-the-top they're going with Todd and his personality/character.

When Starr and Blair came back and he and Starr got into a screaming match [in today's episode], and then he and Blair argued afterwards, I just wished someone would fuckin' hit HIM.

Christ Almighty.
I hope John does kill him.

I'm new here! :]

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Ugh ...
by ... (dingobaby)
at March 5th, 2008 (01:11 pm)

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I can't be the only one disgusted with the way ABC is writing female characters lately can I? First Diane and Alexis are stuck in the biker bar and put on more heirs and graces about being there than necessary when really they are both two intelligent and highly educated women who are used to dealing with unsavory people and really should know better than to act like that and create more trouble for themselves. I grant you the scenes were mostly funny, but in terms of attitude I thought it was just stupid and not very complimentary to or in keeping with the characters. Then Dorian and Nora have that RIDICULOUS OVERREACTION to having a little bit of WATER dumped on them. Anyone would think they were about to melt the way they were carrying on. The over acting and squealing like little girls annoyed me to no end. Then later that same day on General Hospital, Maxie and Spinelli are finally getting close to finding out Diego is the text message killer and all Maxie can do is talk about her shoes. Are you kidding me? I know Maxie is supposed to be spoiled and shallow to a point, but I highly doubt that with something THAT important (like finding out who took away two of the most important people in her life) she would really be that concerned about her slingbacks.

I have to say I am a little insulted as a woman that the writers are making so many of the female leads (who have previously been portrayed as strong women capable of handling just about anything life throws at them) into prissy little drama queens. It's 2008, shouldn't we be past all of this stupid stereotyping by now?

Meesha [userpic]
by Meesha (moshtz)
at March 5th, 2008 (02:18 pm)

I don't know if this has been posted before- but we watched Michael Clayton last night and the boy that plays George Clooney's son is none other than the boy that plays Shane Morasco (Austin Williams).

ALPHA** GIRL** COMA [userpic]
AMC Remember When
by ALPHA** GIRL** COMA (alphagirlcoma)
at February 26th, 2008 (06:25 am)

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Goddess Jenna [userpic]
Another Johnny wallpaper
by Goddess Jenna (goddess_naunett)
at February 18th, 2008 (01:55 pm)

Located Here

If anyone wants a wallpaper done, just lemme know, and post some pics and I will be more than happy to make some.

Goddess Jenna [userpic]
Johnny Zacchara (GH Icons)
by Goddess Jenna (goddess_naunett)
at February 18th, 2008 (01:19 pm)


The rest located Here

ALPHA** GIRL** COMA [userpic]
A tribute to Georgie From GH
by ALPHA** GIRL** COMA (alphagirlcoma)
at February 15th, 2008 (11:33 am)

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I thought this was really awesome. They really captured her well.

Goddess Jenna [userpic]
Jason Morgan Wallpaper (General Hospital)
by Goddess Jenna (goddess_naunett)
at February 7th, 2008 (11:48 am)

My friend talked me into making this one

And cut to Jason!Collapse )